Fusion 3-N-1 Turkey Decoy Flock Pack

Fusion 3-N-1 Turkey Decoy Flock Pack

SKU 895
Height 1.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00

This flock pack is extremely portable and ultra-realistic. Fit all 3, in a fanny pack, with room to spare. Match what the turkeys expect to see. They are flocking birds! Photo-printed, inflatable, all with hairy heads that were molded from real freeze dried turkey heads. Includes: Submissive Hen(standing hen), Jill Feeding Hen, and Juvenile Delinquent Semi-Strut Jake.

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Fusion 3-N-! Flock Pack
Written by Adam R on Apr 25th 2017

Pros: I was really impressed with look of these decoys. The "Hairy Head" looks incredibly life like. Really nice detail on the body. Very easy to carry multiple decoys in a typical turkey vest. Easy to set up and I like how you can use either end of the stake. One side for no/low wind and one side for high/heavy winds. Cons: The rubber smell is REALLY strong. I inflated them on a Wednesday just to let the smell air out before Saturday morning. The "hair" on the heads, not all of it stays on the head. If you rub it against your clothing, then you will have little plastic pieces sticking in your clothing. I had of the hens that leaked air around where the head cup was welded on, I simply took some super glue and put a bead all the way around it and not more issues. I have not killed a bird over them yet, but I have only used them once. Time will tell. For the price, I am impressed.