Scent Encapsulating Field Mist PLUS  AUTUMN WOODS

Cloak & Dagger Scent Encapsulating Field Mist PLUS Autumn Woods

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SKU 15004
Height 8.25
Width 3.50
Depth 1.75

Scent Encapsulating Mist plus Autumn Woods

Scent Encapsulating Technology that is different from anything you've previously tried. This product uses real science, so that you can "Hunt Without a Trace". In this formulation we have added additional Cloak, by incorporating a Cover Scent into the Scent Encapsulating Technology. Autumn Woods cover is the Earthy scent that is found when organic matter(leaves, limbs, etc.) decays. The scent that you notice, when you enter the woods. Use on clothing, boots and gear, to completely REMOVE ALL ODORS. You the Customer asked for a packable size container. We listened to our customers and provided a 12 ounce bottle, which can be easily carried in a coat pocket, or in a fanny or backpack, without adding too much weight.